Phase 3 – Approval of plan


3. Approval of plan

Now that your plan has been drawn, it is time to get it APPROVED.

Why is approval necessary?

Getting your plan approved is necessary before embarking on any construction project. It is also a prerequisite for accessing financing options. Additionally, an approved building plan is a guide for the contractor to follow when constructing your home. It is also necessary to estimate your project’s cost. Plans are a necessary guide throughout the building process.
There are two main statutory bodies that are involved in the approval process. They are:


Mayor & City Council

Mayor & City Council
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The Mayor and City Council is responsible for approving plans for persons building in Georgetown.


In order to initiate the building application process, the following documents are required:

  1. Properly filled out Building Application Form- this could be uplifted from the City Engineer’s Building
  2. Certified copy of Ownership Documents
    1. Transport
    2. Title
    3. Lease
    4. Power of Attorney (P.O.A.—updated)
      – this document allows another person to act in your absence to purchase, sell, finance or refinance a home.
    5. Agreement of sales & Document (s) of Authorization
      – these documents protect the owner against his home being sold to someone else.
  3. Three (3) copies of Building Plans showing:
    1. All plan views—including site plan (Please note that building plan should fit on one paper since multiple sheets would not be accepted)
    2. At least two elevations
  4. Copy of Survey plan for the plot of land where the works will be executed (showing main and access routes)
  5. Three (3) copies of Structural Building Plans showing:
    1. Foundation details —including site plan
    2. Column and Beam layout with details
    3. At least two sectional elevations
  6. Copy of Rates & Taxes receipt verifying payment for the current year
  7. Processing Fee
    This is determined upon the submission of the application.

Building Application process (Residential)

1. Mayor & city Council


Applications are taken to this Agency and are processed between two departments i.e. the Public Health Department and the Building Inspectorate section of the City Engineer’s Department. For applications that are submitted for approval outside of the sewerage areas and are for just residential purposes only, the expected processing time is twenty-one (21) days. This period will provide for the applications to be properly checked and site inspected by the respective officers assigned to the area then forwarded for approval.

2. Applications forwarded to GWI

For those applications that fall within the sewerage areas listed, the processing time will be a bit longer since those applications will have to be sent to the Guyana Water Inc. The sewerage areas are within:
Independence Boulevard to Seawall Road and Water Street to Vlissengen Road
The timeframe will vary in this case since the applicant will have to ensure that the necessary processing fees are paid and that the utility bill(s) are in order or cleared at this agency before their application is processed and returned to the Mayor & City Council.


Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC)

Persons building outside of Georgetown are required to visit their Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) for their plan to be approved.



In order to initiate the building application process, the following documents are required. 

  • Three (3) Copies of the Building plan showing site and elevation plans.
    (N.B. House plans must be on ONE (1) single sheet of paper showing site, ground floor and elevations).
  • One Copy of transport, title lease or permission letter (permission ought to be obtained from the proprietor and signed by Commissioner of Oaths to affidavits or justice of the peace. Also, if there is more than one name on the transport or title, permission ought to be sought and notarized by the Commissioner of Oaths to affidavits or justice of the peace.
  • One building application form purchased from the NDC responsible for your area filled out accordingly.
  • One copy of the applicant’s National Identification Card showing Bio-Data Information.
  • The processing fee must be paid to the N.D.C.

Procedure for Approval of plan

1. Submit Plans


All plans must be submitted at least three (3) weeks before the Council’s statutory meeting.
For more information relating to your specific NDC, please click on the link below.
Neighbourhood Democratic Councils | Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

2. Approval


All Residential buildings will be approved by the Council.


What happens after your plan has been approved?

  • Once your plan has been approved by the council, you will be asked to return to your NDC to uplift your approved plan
  • Upon approval, you will be required to sign all three (3) copies of your approved building plan. After which, a copy will be retained by the NDC to put on file and the remaining two (2) will be given to you.
  • After this, residential home building can commence.

What happens if your plan is not approved?

  • If your plan is not approved by the council, the statutory officer in charge would identify the errors/omissions on the plan and send it to the council and then the plan will be given to the residential home builder informing him/her of what needs to be corrected. In addition, if any outstanding documents are omitted, those would also be listed on the plan to be submitted.
  • After the errors have been corrected and the relevant supporting documents submitted then the plan can be re-submitted for approval by the council.
  • The council will then review and approve the re-submitted plan and then residential home building can commence.